Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take Time for Life

Take Time for Life
             I named the title if this post "Take Time for Life," but what is life? According to the dictionary, life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.  For some, the definition may be going through the daily routine of the things, not really stopping to, "smell the flowers". They only have one pace and that's forward. Making life flash by them before they really realize it. As for my definitition of life, is my two boy's.
            I am guilty though of living my life and never stopping to "smell the flowers". Actually, this past year I have been guilty of this. I have a very busy days, my schedule is based around my daycare parent's schedule and my husband's school schedule. Needless to say, it's not hard to fall into the trap of believing that life is just pushing forward day after day.
            Last night it came to me, (and I have no clue why it took so long), that I haven't really made time to really enjoy my definition of life, my boy's. I have put everyone's schedule's and my work in front of them. I pushed my life aside. I was at a place where I was so caught up in worrying about schedules, house work, appointments, finances and bills. That unconsciously, I didn't even realize what I was doing. Now don't get me wrong, my boy's have always been my world. But being able to provide for them and my husband while he's in nursing school became my top priority.
         Before I go any further with the subject of life, I let you know a little information. I am what some may call over-protective or an over-bearing parent. Though in my eyes, I like to see it as looking after my children. My oldest just turned four and my youngest is getting ready to turn two. My oldest son had a speech delay and health issues that all got resolved last year. My youngest has a speech delay. We think it has to do with enlarged tonsils. Due to the fact that when my oldest got his taken out, he started speaking, and that my youngest has enlarged tonsils. Though the ENT we took him to won't consider taking them out yet. Now we are looking for second opinions.
       They could have had many other things wrong with them I am quite aware of that. And I thank my lucky stars that they didn't. But when your children don't speak, they can't take up for themselves. So as a mother, I was and am their voice. At family outings, I follow them around to make sure other kid's aren't being mean to them and to make sure they don't get hurt. Many children that don't talk are victims of bullying though because they cannot tell their parents what happened and they can't tell the "bully" to stop.
     My husband and I decided to send our oldest to preschool to give him something of his own. He has to share his house, mommy, daddy, little brother and his toys with a lot of other kids. So we thought getting him out of the house and letting him have something of his own was the right thing to do. My husband and I are both having second thoughts though. Homeschool has never been out of the question. With the all the violence, bullying and teacher's not really caring about their students, it has always been something we have considered. To me keeping them "sheltered" as some people call it would be well worth it just to know that they aren't going to be bullied, and learning about things from other children's home lives that we don't want them to know about until they are way older. Anyways, we decided to give it a shot, if he doesn't like it, or mommy gets that gut instinct that something's not quite right, we are pulling him out.
      Now that you kind of understand what kind of mom I am, we will get back to life. I have decided that no matter how busy my day is, to laugh. Not to let the  messes that my youngest son makes bother me. When he's running through the house with a plunger that has only been used to unclog a sink enjoy it. When he takes all the cushions off the furniture and throws them on the floor to jump on them because he is smart enough to know if he jumps on them on the couch, he will fall. Take time to really watch my oldest one play computer games. Really see the joy in their eyes and know what really puts that sparkle there. Really be there and not miss a moment, soak it all in.
       I have had this on my mind since I realized it last night. I felt compelled to write this so someone else out there needs this. It may be a simple thought but when your caught up with the day in day out routine, it's really hard to see. Take time to laugh, enjoy the messes, the late nights, the no nap days, and the days when all you really want to do is pull your hair out. Enjoy every minute. Kids will learn to live their lives like their parents. I know myself that I don't want my children to forget what's really important in life, which in my life is them.