Friday, July 19, 2013

Kandoo Products and Boogie wipes

This is my first blog post. So I'm sorry if this isn't perfect!
I have been a saline advisor for Boogie Wipes for three quarters now. Boogie Wipes and Kandoo Products are the best thing that has come into this household/daycare! The kids love the foaming handsoap that is funny berry scented, their parents love it too, (to the point that if the use the restroom, they choose to use the Kandoo hand soap instead of the other hand soap. The body wash is awesome too. It also makes for a great substitute for shaving cream. Actually, I use that instead of shaving cream. lol The Kandoo hand sanitizer has to be one of my favorites. It isn't scented, though thats not why it's my favorite. As a daycare provider for the state of Ohio, I am not allowed to use any sanitizer that contains alcohol. (supposedly there was cases of kids getting drunk on it, that's the rumor anyway). Anyways, the sanitizer is alcohol free, so I can use it! Which is great for all the picnics we have. (It also makes your hands feel really soft and smooth). Boogie wipes are up there on the top of my list also. They were made by mom's and they were made to get the sticky boog's out of children's noses. But they are so multi-functional! What I use them for:Of course boogie's. Sticky hands when I am on the go. A replacement for a diaper wipe, a handy stain-lifter if I spill somthing on my shirt. And also, a quick clean-up to my shoes if I'm out and about and get dirt on them.Last but not least, The flushable wipes. This by far is a daycare providers dream. I have three kid's right now in the transition of potty training and this is by far so much better than toilet paper! I would highly recommend for everyone who has kids to buy the Kandoo products and Boogie Wipes.