Friday, July 19, 2013

Mario themed birthday party

My oldest son's birthday party decorations. All hand- made!  I must say with having a mario themed birthday party two years in a row, I'm starting to get good at this!
I drew-out and hand-painted, (everything except mario himself), my son his own special cup.

 I'm surprised this survived an entire year! This is a very large Piranha plant I used for a table decoration.
                             Yoshi Eggs, which I made simply using foam eggs and green paint.

The Piranha Plants party favors had to be my favorite! The kids had everything they needed in them to have mario powers!
Each cup included:
Red sixlets & red gumballs- for fire power
White sixlets & white gumballs- to freeze your enemies
Gold coins- to save up to get extra lives
Blue sixlets- to make yourself miniature
Bubbles- so you can pop your partner back into the game!
I must say I had a blast prepping for the party and the kids had a blast at the party!
One parent who brought her two girls to the party told me that her girl's went home and used the description of what each candy meant in the game to play mario! I thought that that was really awesome!  
And we cannot forget about the stars! (though you can't see them too well. Simple yellow card-stock, cut out in star shapes, punched holes for string to hang them and made the eyes! Simple!
                                      My birthday boy, play pin the moustache on mario.
 Now this was my big project! I worked in my spare time for a month on this! every little tiny detail, except for mario of course.

And his cake I had ordered but I simply decorated it by using a mario figurine and three star suckers!